Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Aaron Parkinson | CEO

Aaron Parkinson is the CEO of 7 Mile Media and is widely considered to be one of the digital marketing pioneers. Aaron has almost 20 years of experience and has helped generate over a billion in online sales. Aaron lives in the Cayman Islands with his wife of 20 years and his three children.

Andy McDuff | Chief Marketing Officer

Andy McDuff is the CMO & Head of Performance in 7 Mile Media with over 25 years of experience in online marketing with a focus in the areas of Paid Media, Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization.

He has worked across multiple industries including travel, defense, insurance, legal, home services, fast-moving consumer goods as well as individual experts & best-selling authors.

His client experience includes major corporations and institutions including British Airways, Heineken group, the Spanish Ministry of Defense and NATO.

Andy - who also has an IT and finance background - is also an Associate Professor in Strategic Marketing with one of Europe’s top marketing universities and also collaborates on internal academic programs with Harvard Business Publishing.

Thanks to Andy’s international experience, he speaks French and Spanish fluently and is originally from the UK. He now lives in Madrid, Spain with his wife and two sons and, where he gets to enjoy the amazing weather, culture and food!

Hayley Mills | Chief Operating Officer

Hayley’s excellent communication, organizational, and leadership skills ensure that our company runs efficiently.

Hayley studied at Camosun College School of Business, and has years of experience in Office Management and Operations Management.

Hayley resides on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia. When not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two daughters.

Carl Brenton | Chief Financial Officer

Carl Brenton brings over twenty years experience as a CPA. He serves on the boards of private equity and hedge funds and offers fractional CFO services to family offices and sophisticated operating businesses. Carl's ability to see deep into the numbers brings a perspective rarely seen in marketing agencies.

Department Heads

Kanstantsin Sandovich | Tech Director

Kanstantsin, over the past decade, has helped curate digital marketing and tech infrastructure development for over 100 7 and 8 figure companies with over $300m in total portfolio revenue generated. Kanstantsin currently facilitates a technical department with multi-decade combined expertise in building effective digital marketing funnels, CRMs, tracking, analytics, and strategy.

Jennifer Matthews | Creative Operations Manager

Jennifer Matthews has been involved in traditional marketing since 2007 and digital marketing since 2013. As the owner of a International Fitness Certification company, she is well versed in everything from diverse marketing, to online course creation to community building and leading a team of over 80 people, from around the world.

Jennifer has also worked with many local, independent businesses in Ontario, Canada, with business basics like yearly Marketing Strategy development, audience building and identifying and crafting avatar language.

Jennifer has been with 7MM since Spring of 2021. She has supported in other roles at 7MM such as client-facing Project Manager, Creative Project Manager and On Boarding Specialist.

Team Leads

Amanda Elligan | Lead Strategist

Amanda Elligan is an experienced media buyer and marketing strategist. With a background in operations management and copywriting, along with her experience in leadership roles in 2 other small business start ups, she’s gathered a jack-of-all-trades body of knowledge over the past decade. Her strengths lie in analyzing holistic data and paving a strategic path forward to grow your business and opportunities at every step. She’s enjoyed growing into the lead strategist position at 7Mile since joining the team in 2020 and developing better processes to deliver top-tier marketing results. In her spare time, Amanda is an avid reader, baker, and plant enthusiast.

Michael Cahill | Lead Campaign Manager

In 1948, a pair of ancient Sumarian tablets were discovered amongst a collection of ancient writings that would come to be known as the Dead Sea scrolls. Little was known about the origin of these tablets at the time. How did tablets from ancient Sumer make their way across the Mediterranean to the shores of the Dead Sea? Researchers were stumped. A translation of the tablets was attempted, but the linguist suddenly disappeared without a trace.The second linguist hired for the job, despite being in perfect health, had a heart attack and died at his desk over a long weekend, after just 4 days of work. Being the superstitious type, researchers at the time hid the existence of these tablets. It was not until 1989, that these tablets would finally re-surface and a successful translation was completed. The tablets foretold of a savior. A so-called super-persuader. A being who could, by their very touch, move mortals to act on their deepest desire.

Through rigorous analysis, and consultation with the spirits, Mike believes that he is that being. In the last 4 years, Mike has persuaded thousands (possibly millions) via his work at 7 Mile Media to act on their deepest desires, all for the benefit of the agency’s clients. Mike takes his responsibility seriously, and has pledged to only use his powers for good through his work at 7 Mile Media. When you work with Mike, you are communing with the divine to achieve your company’s goals.

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